Accounting Services

Accounting Services

If you are starting up or you manage a company you are surely in the market for professional accounting services. Accounting Office Trójmiasto has been providing competent accounting and bookkeeping for the last 16 years. We will skilfully and time efficiently serve you with all necessary services. I know, you as an entrepreneur are busy, and your time is priceless, so to make your life easier, we will collect all the necessary documents from you. We provide accounting services directly in your office as well. Why is it beneficial? It will help manage your finances and employees better. We offer, among others, advisory services on your accounting and finance departments organisation, and professional trainings for your financial staff.

Our accounting office guarantees your company’s professionalism, as well as competence in a wide range of services. We work one hundred percent according to all applicable rules and laws, so we enjoy full trust of many small and medium-size companies from different fields. With us you can be certain of positive passing any legal control, and of financial benefits. With financial and accounting planning we provide, you can only profit. We are among the best in our field. Choose our services today.

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Business Accounting

  • Keeping tax on registered income without deductible costs
  • Keeping revenue and expense ledger
  • Keeping accounting books
  • Preparing accounts plan and accounting policy
  • Supervising current accounting at Client’s office
  • Trainings for financial staff